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Ticket Eater Videos - Deltronic Labs Inc.- Ticket Dispensing Machines

Deltronic Labs, Inc. is the Ticket Eater® and dispensing company that you have known for years.  They are a family owned and operated company started by Stephen Horniak Sr. in the early sixties. During the first years of the company’s existence, the focus was mainly design and production of various electronic and electro-mechanical devices ranging from simple timing devices to ultra-sensitive meters and gauges. We incorporated in 1968 and began our journey into the coin-operated amusement and family entertainment industry.

One of Deltronic Labs’ first endeavors in this industry involved designing and producing the first solid state electronics for the already popular electro-mechanical Skee Ball™ alleys. Soon after, a modular, cost effective, electronically controlled ticket dispenser was developed to replace bulky, mechanical dispensers in existing popular “Redemption” games from companies like Bob’s Space Racers™. As redemption continued to grow, the need for tools to help streamline the process and convert non-redemption games was evident. Interface solutions and the industry workhorse Ticket Eater® were developed to help. Although, our main focus is on the amusement industry, we have designed and manufactured many types of electro-mechanical components, microprocessor controlled mechanisms, hardware and software for various industries.

Today, the popularity of Ticket Redemption amusement games remains constant. In our over fourty five years in one business, we have earned an excellent reputation for reliable products and exceptional customer service. We appreciate the confidence and trust our customer, both old and new, place in us and look forward to continuing to build on these relationships.
Please take a moment to look at our Ticket Dispensers and Ticket Eaters®.  TICKET EATER IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK
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